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Undergraduate Capstone Project: Straightedge Engineering

WGU requires a capstone writing project for all of their BS degrees.  For management majors this takes the form of a business plan for a real or hypothetical company.  In my case I was not planning on starting any more companies right away (I had already been accepted to Business School) but I did want to write my plan for a a realistic company that I actually could have started, had things gone a little differently. 

The company I came up with was a general contracting firm that specializes in tricky insitutional work–the kind where the contractor spends more time wading through red tape and dealing with bureaucrats than they do on the actual job site.  While this may not sound appealing to most, I still maintain that it is an underserved, and potentially lucrative market segment.

I apologize for all of the censor bars.  In the interest of realism I built based my management team on the resumes of actual associates of mine who gave me permission to use them as long as I fictionalized their contact information.  I don’t want any misunderstandings with their current employers, though, so I have tried to excise all identifying information.