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Flagged on Craigslist Again

Last night I posted the essay which follows (Title: The Middle Class are Parasites) to the Orange County Craigslist’s “Rant’s and Raves” section, and was flagged about half an hour after it went live.  While I know that OC is basically California’s analog of the Deep South, I still think is interesting to note that a recent post by someone else titled “Why I Hate Poor People” was allowed stay up for several days.  Since I obviously touched a nerve for someone, I decided the essay might be good enough to post here.  Please make allowances for the fact that this was written as I nursed my ninth beer of the night, and was never intended to meet the usual prose standards of this blog.

The Middle Class are Parasites

So, I’ve been forced to spend the last few months in an upper-middle class OC neighborhood, taking care of my ailing mother in law. The one lesson I’ve learned is what worthless parasites the middle class actually are.

It makes me sick, looking at their multiple luxury cars and their ugly 6 bedroom houses that only have three or four people living in them. Those houses were built by people like me. But if your’re working class or brown, you better not be here when the sun goes down.

They aren’t better than us. In the 19th century, skilled tradesmen used to be called “labor princes” and get respect. What the hell happened? I’ll tell you: it’s this American dream bullshit that gets rammed down our throats all our lives. “Work hard, and you can make it into the middle class.” Why would we want to? Labor needs to wake up and get some class pride.

Why do they make so much more than us? I’m a journeyman cabinet maker, and I also 5th in my class at a top 100 business school. I can unequivocally tell you that my trade apprenticeship was harder, more stressful, and lasted twice as long as my MBA program. I’ve worked as an operations analyst and a purchasing manager and they were both easier jobs, with shorter hours, than any of the blue collar jobs I’ve had in my life. I don’t do either one any more, because I can’t stand working with yuppies…their hypocrisy, their greed, their lack of real education…

I’m proud to be a tradesman, and to be in a union. My father was a fab shop foreman. One of my grandfathers was a trucker and the other one was a machinist. Why would I want to be anything else?

Wake up, people. We could do their jobs easily if we wanted. They wouldn’t last the day at ours. Their needs to be justice. Their needs to be a societal correction, and a reorientation of the class hierarchy.

Solidarity comrades!