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Poison Fruit – Chapter 1

As you may not know, I sporadically publish new pages of a webcomic called Poison Fruit. One reason the process takes so long is that I create every panel in 3D in Blender — both because it looks cool, and because I’m rubbish at drawing in 2D. Right now I’m scrambling (or as close as I ever come to “scrambling” to knock out the last few pages of Chapter 2 before installing Blender 2.83 (release date June 3). I only install the stable releases, and the jump from 2.79b to 2.83 is going to mean big changes in my world. For one thing, the render engine I use for Poison Fruit has been dropped and replaced, so I will need to port all the textures on each character model to the new Eevee engine, and probably recode some of my Python scripts. Art is hard.

While I deal with all this, I decided to post Chapter 1 here in its entirety, since I know not all users are on Pinterest, or the CMP website. Enjoy!