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Kevin grew up in Western Montana.  After attending engineering school at the University of Idaho he worked and traveled throughout the Northwest before coming to Los Angeles to take a job as a project engineer at a commercial construction company.  He earned his MBA (emphasis in Operations and Supply Chain Management) from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at the University of California Riverside  in June 2014.

Kevin spent most of the Summer of 2013 conducting field research in the Republic of Ireland. Data gathered during that project forms the test set for the experiments for his MBA thesis, An Analogy Based Method for Freight Forwarding Cost Estimation, which has since been published in monograph form by Lambert Academic Press.

He currently lives in Southern California where he divides his time between being a homemaker, doing original data science research, and writing an upcoming book about the contributions of outside scholars to the civil rights movement.  He also writes four blogs (counting this one) and a YouTube video series.

Curriculum Vitae:
Kevin Straight CV 03-24-2015

Kevin A. Straight-image

  1. Hello,

    I’m Frederic Weil, the publishing director of Mnemos, a French SF and Fantasy dedicated publishing house. I’ll would like to contact you for your work on Change War and Leiber. Please could you give me your email ?

    Best regards

    Frederic Weil



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