My Monograph Goes “Live” Today

Hello all,

At the risk of shameless self promotion, I think I should mention that my first monograph was published today.  It will take while to work its way though the distribution channels, but should be available at all major booksellers in a few weeks.  In the words of the press release:

CONTACT: Kevin Straight, 562-587-7700

AGSM Alumnus Publishes Monograph

Saarbrücken, Germany, September 3, 2014

AGSM Alumnus Kevin Straight’s début non-fiction book, Freight Forwarding Cost Estimation: an Analogy Based Approach (ISBN 978-3-659-58859-4) was released today by Lambert Academic Press. It should be available from all major booksellers within six weeks.

The book is based on Mr. Straight’s master’s thesis, which was the result of three months of field research in Dublin, Ireland during the summer of 2013. Straight studied thousands of international shipping records and used them to create a cost estimation system using modern machine learning and data mining techniques. Straight demonstrates, via a dynamic computer simulation, that his method is both accurate and more cost effective than traditional estimation techniques.

Mr Straight currently lives in Montrose, California, where he is doing research on how to adapt his estimation methodology to health care applications, such as blood sugar levels in type II diabetes patients.

High resolution images are available at:

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